Thanks for stopping by! You’re probably here because you are interested in interior design or getting organized- me, too! First, let me say two things about design:

  1. Interior design does not equal expensive, frivolous luxury. If you have an interior why not arrange it to suit your needs, style and purposes? You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to have your home look good and function efficiently.
  2. The design of your home should reflect YOU; not current trends, not what your designer likes- it should reflect your likes and your family’s needs. You should feel comfortable and content in every room.

I believe that you do not need to live locally for me to help you design your home.  I do offer full service design for locals, but I also offer what I call “e-design”.  Check out my services page to see how it works and let me know if you have questions!

I would love to have the opportunity to help you feel calm and collected in your living space.

At this time I offer two types of organizational services to people in my local community.  I can do straight-up organization and move management.  Straight-up organization is simply helping you determine what to keep and where to keep it.  I do not “make you” throw anything away.  But I will be honest with you- no one can fit 100 cubic feet of belongings into 20 cubic feet of space.  I work with you to help you figure out what should be kept and what should go.

Move management is organization in combination with a move—usually downsizing.  Before you move, I help you figure out what to take and what to keep.  If you have the dimensions for your new place, I will draw up floor plans so you will know where exactly each piece of furniture will fit in the new place and what needs to be given away, sold or donated.  This will save you the expense of moving items that you won’t use in your new place and help your movers know just where to put everything!

Thanks for visiting my website!  I’m glad you’re here! How can I help you?

Remodeling and Home Design